Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bad Losers

Johnny Frenchman has been having a moan about Agincourt again. Apparently the dastardly Eeeengleeesh were no better than war criminals, executing the flower of French knighthood when they really should have offered them prunes and custard.

It's a tough old life being a Frenchie. Let's face it, it's hard when you're rubbish at war and elect big noses and stack heeled dwarves as President. I say saucisson to them.

I'd give that Carla Bruni one.


Liz said...

I am tagging you with a meme because I do not own a helicopter. See and enjoy.

Sniffy said...

Yeah, but Carla's fit and she's got an Italian name, so she's forgiven.

Bloody french. Why can't we have a big fuck off war and wipe them out? I'm sure that'd get us through the economic gloom with a smile on our faces.

Sniffy said...

Oh, that's what I meant to say too. I love prunes and custard. What a lovely pud.

garfer said...


I shall reeeesist your meme, unless poooootatoes are allowed.


Rhubarb and custard is far nicer.

I fancy that Julia Bradbury: if you can't get work wear settle for walk wear, that's what I always say.

KAZ said...

I like the French with their beeeg noses and crumpled charm.
And my father did not smell of elderberries.

Reg Pither said...

If we attack the French directly then all our lights will go off as they own our power supply. Best just to get the square heads to threaten to invade them. That way "Les Vendres des L'eau" will surrender immediately and we can just take over without shedding a drop.
P.S. Why are French avenues lined with trees? So that German tank drivers don't get sunstroke.
God, isn't mindless bigotry the best thing ever!!!

garfer said...


Gauloise and Stolly would make a fine combination.


The French are keen on all things nuclear, which is why they are growing extra limbs and glow in the dark.

Peevish McSnark said...

Filthy Eeenglish Knnnnnnnig-ht.

Fetchez la vache.

Arabella said...

Now you know they're just trying to wind you up.
I love the French and all their maddening ways. Runs for the hills.
Can't believe I've never heard that joke. Snort! In fact the whole of Pither's comment is going to get me through the day.
Je sweez une mass of contradictions, moi.

EmmaK said...

On the upside, French men have a reputation for being good in bed whereas UK men have a reputation for wearing socks in bed. So the French have the edge I that respect

FirstNations said...

the saddest, most disappointing bedroom encounter Ive ever had was with a dashing Fronshie. and I do mean, DASHING. as in,

well you get the idea.

garfer said...

British men wear socks in bed as it promotes safe sex.

We don't get much.