Monday, October 06, 2008


Some chairs are made for looking at, some are made for sitting in. I hate to paraphrase the late John Lennon, that arrogant deeply damaged individual, but he was right.

Narrowness: a simple seam of pure gold that has been mined and remined in search of the last elusive nugget. Seasick Steve is odd, it's almost as though he's been invented for some X Factor demographic of males who exist in permanent obeisance to Robert Johnson. It's almost too simple, too rudimentary to be valid.

But it works.

The girl in the mauve top isn't so sure. In fact, she looks positively censorious.


pissoff said...

He looks like he should be living here on our little Island. Actually, I think I've seen him down at the pub.

Bollix said...

Find out if he has an agent. He'll go down a storm in East Kilbride, playing to all the other 6 fingered incestuous throwbacks.

KAZ said...

Son of ZZ Top - but not called Beard.

MJ said...

He played our local farmers market yesterday.

The market that's full of old west coast hippies and Yuppies.

Geoff said...

I get a lot of searches for "Seasick Dave".