Saturday, October 11, 2008

The best of times and the worst of times

I once almost missed school dinner at Primary School; an older ruffian relieving of me my last ball-bearing during a crunch game of marbles and grinning as I was left bereft and inconsolable.

Thankfully a couple of older kids recognised my distress and led me to the dinner hall. I'd lost my ticket, but the dinner ladies still let me in. Everyone else had eaten and left so that was my first solo dining experience. The service was a bit amateurish, but I got the full three courses and cheered up immediately.

Who needs ball-bearings anyway? It's not as though we're all cut out to be Andrew Carnegie.


FirstNations said...

sweet tunes!!

Tim Footman said...

You got three courses for school dinner? Where did you go, Fettes?

KAZ said...

I bet Jamie Oliver wouldn't have let you in. He knows you like burgers and ketchup.

Loved the video - Do you dance like the two guys in jeans?

Puppy and Hippo said...

I got three courses for dinner at school too. The only thing I liked though was that really heavy sponge pudding with the sultana's in it.

That and pink custard.

I also had a marvellous collection of marbles. I was shite at it, but it was still a great collection - I have about 6000 at one point, including a few mint condition 'steelies' that my uncle got me from his workplace.

Ah, the memories...

pissoff said...

You mean spotted dick don't you puppy. You dirty little bastard.

Kaz, I was taken by those guys in the jeans dancing. Great moves.

We're poor outback Canadians and we didn't have a school cafeteria. We had to bring our own.