Thursday, October 16, 2008

Forward the Buffs!

It's official: modern music is rubbish.

I'm staring at my shelves of CDs and thinking: shall I copy this cornucopia of musical wonderfulness to my hard drive? No, I won't, because I never listen to 99% of it and I probably never will. I could put it on shuffle on my iPod I suppose, but that would be random just for the sake of it pointlessness.

I'm sure that there's lots of exciting music about, there always is. It's just that I'm increasingly of the opinion that it happens in clubs with audiences of less than one hundred people. The air will be humid with sweat, the wooden floor will resonate the bass up your spinal column, you will leave uplifted and profoundly deaf. It won't sound the same recorded. It'll sound even worse when you're standing in a large field waving a flag with 50,000 other mongs.

I've decided not to listen to any more contemporary music. From now on it's the collected works of the really rather lovely Billy Chldish for me. It should take until at least 2020 to get through them all.

So that's all right then.


Sniffy said...

That's the thing about music, there's so much of it! How on earth are you supposed to absorb, let alone appreciate any more? I think some people just buy new music for the sake of it, how can they get anything more from it?

And most new music is crap anyway.

garfer said...

I would like to kill the Kaiser Chiefs.

Most modern music is either up itself balls like Coldplay or shouty singalong drivel.

I think I'll record some xylophone and take on the world. Billy would approve.

Sniffy said...

I despise them too, and you know my hatred of Coldplay. I despair at the attention they get from the meeja - free advertising on a pile of old giz stained crap.

MJ said...

I want to be a professional drunk.

garfer said...

I thought you already were.

Betty said...

Shane MacGowan's laugh is one of the most disturbing things in the world.

A mate of Geoff's is completely obsessed with Billy Childish and is friends with someone who works with him. I wouldn't go quite as far as using the word "stalker", but ...

I've probably mentioned this before though. If so, sorry. Early symptoms of Alzheimer's, etc.

garfer said...

Billy is either a genius or a deluded dilettante, it's hard to say which.

I like his moustache.

KAZ said...

I like Sniffy.
I am at this moment listening to Elbow.
I rest your case.

garfer said...

More power to it, as Shane would say.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I have been looking up songs on YouTube quite a bit lately in a bid to try and think what my favourite tracks of all time really are!

My 'Favourites' list is growing - I'm sure I'll get round to the iPod thing eventually.

You are right about the dearth of good music around these days though and how many awful derivatives (aka cover versions & mash-ups there are)

Puppy and Hippo said...

I had to Google Billy Childish - if that's who you meant.

Never heard of him.

I agree with you about the Kaiser Chiefs, though. Shall we murder them together?

garfer said...

We could torture them first, which would be fun.

I bagsy the fingernail extraction.