Sunday, October 09, 2005


Technological advance is a wonderful thing, but it brings with it the inevitability of obsolescence. This wasn’t such a problem in the past; you could buy a new TV or video recorder safe in the knowledge that your purchase would be good for five or so years. This is no longer the case. Whatever you buy these days will invariably be superseded within a year, or even less.

I am pissed off with Apple’s introduction of the Ipod Nano, just a couple of months after I purchased my Ipod Mini. Of course, it shouldn’t really matter; the Mini is perfectly adequate for my needs. It even has a greater storage capacity. That doesn’t make any difference though; I will have to get a Nano because it is cuter and has a colour screen. This is pathetic, but that’s just the way it is.

I’m sure that this ‘must have’ mentality towards new gadgets is mainly a male thing. Women are much more sensible about this sort of thing, and aren’t as easily seduced by manufacturers who introduce new products every five minutes.

Ebay will be swamped with Ipod Minis as we pathetic men upgrade to the new model.
Any female who fancies a decent product that performs just as well as the new one should log on to Ebay without delay. Our loss will be your gain.


MHN for short said...

I don't know about the whole "Male thing". As soon as I saw this Nano a few weeks ago, I actually shouted, "Man, that thing looks COOL!" Actually, I said it out loud, but since I am a loud person it came out as a shout.

I'll have to keep my "mini" though already have it loaded and ready!

It's the pits about herge, eh??

garfer said...

Women are sometimes susceptible to the pointless upgrade. Their cellphones have to be bang up to date. I suppose the nano falls into the cute must have category.
Herge is a great loss. He'd become a mate, y'know. If it hadn't been for him I wouldn't have started this blog.

S.I.D. said...

Women do buy technologically advanced items.

My wife recently went wild over the over the latest skin cream from Lavatorié Garnié advertised in a ladies magazine. It contained nanobiodorks or something.

I will be paying for it soon,bless her.

S.I.D. said...

Whoops see.. I go over and over the top for her.

garfer said...

Any dermatologist will tell you that it doesn't matter what crap you bung on your boat race.
All you are doing is hydrating dead skin cells. I suppose it's a bit like baldness cures for men. Women will pay anything for a product that purports to guarantee youthful skin.

Sniffy said...

Don't bother with the iPod, they're shit. Get an iRiver instead: far superior technology, beter battery life, colour screen, and nothing to do with shitty apple.

garfer said...

Yeah, but the ipod is cuter.
I think the superiority of the iriver is down to better headphones.
I don't like Apple. They overcharge for products that aren't fundamentally any better than a standard PC for half the cash. Less virus prone though.

S.I.D. said...

The rage over here is one for all the secterian chants played by the orangemen. It's called an iProd.

garfer said...

Ho ho ho! That's like playing the Sash in the key of D. De de de de de de de!

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Ecky Thump! That bloody Tina beat me to it! Yes, an iRiver is much better (note how to spell 'better' Tina!).

FAR FAR FAR better!

And iPod Nano's have this awful problem with the screens cracking and scratching at the moment too - better to stay away from them a while.

And you can get cream for those stretch marks you know!

surly girl said...

i too have nano envy, despite having a beautiful pink ipod mini. what can i say, i'm a technology whore.

Gordon said...

Ohh well as a Nano owner I better chip in eh?

No scratches on mine and no chance now as I just fitted an "Invisible Shield" (details in me blogdoodaa).

iRiver is better? HOW? Battery life on my Nano kicks past 14 hours, that's plenty for me. It holds 4GB and has a colour screen. It's small and with a decent set of headphones sounds fab. HOW is the iRiver better, c'mon justify sister!

Anyway, we males may go gadget-gaga but that's OK as we don't spend £20 on some "foundation" and even more on "mascara" (I'm not sure if these two items are techie or not but they sound as confussed as RSS and whatnot).

P.S. The Nano doesn't scratch anyworse than any other iPod, it just shows more. I'll stop now.

P.P.S. the iPod is the only Apple product I have. Don't let that envy colour your green.

MHN for short said...

Same here, Baby. Hopefully he'll take our heartfelt babling to heart and not quit. We'll have to see. Btw: The info you gave me (address) no numbers, will that go through the mail and get to you? I'm almost ready to send your care package.

Sniffy said...

iRiver are better because of the file formats they support, because the sound quality is better, because of outstanding reliability, because you're not stuck to iTunes, because you can transfer from an iRiver to your PC, because of the fact that you don't have to return the thing to base once the battery packs in (which I understand is all too frequently with iPod), because the screen doesn't die for no reason and they're not made by Apple.

I haven't even got one!

garfer said...

You win Tina!

Palace Fan thats a NEW Dad said...

I got the iPhoto 30 gig when they came out not too long ago and that has already been "deleted" also got an iPod mini for my wife at the same time. She loves her mini and I have offered to get the Nano just so I could borrow it fot that showing day at work that ends in something day. I work in IT so everyday someone is trying to beat the next person. I'm currently winning with my brand new iMac G5. My.. It sounds like I am just boasting about my toys.. I will get my coat.

Rowan said...

OK, I'm going to fess up, I don't even own an iPod and hadn't heard of them until I started blogging! There, ok, kick me out of the clique whydontcha! I also don't own a cellphone, had one, never used it!

garfer said...

I hope you're not going to work by horse drawn carriage and wearing corsets!