Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Uma! Uma! Uma!

Those of you who peruse the articulate outpourings of the really rather excellent blogger, Tina, over at Cakesniffers Beware, will be aware that she holds the film star Uma Thurman in high esteem.

Tina’s appreciation of the gorgeous Uma is wholly understandable. Uma is indeed a demigod of modern Hollywood, and is fully deserving of her sex on a stick status. As a wielder of a samurai sword she knows few peers, and looks most toothsome as she prances around lopping off heads whilst clad in a fetching yellow jumpsuit.

I had considered posting a photo of Uma, but have decided not to. This is purely for Tina’s own good: there is strong possibility that an unexpected sight of Uma may cause a cerebral haemorrhage, or even the inadvertent spillage of coffee on her keyboard as she swoons over the delectable Thurman curves.

Instead, I bring you Lauren Bacall; Bogart muse, and all round top tottie from an earlier epoch. In many ways she was the Uma Thurman of her era: not quite conventionally beautiful, but oozing sex appeal from every pore.


Rowan said...

Just my opinion, but wow have you got your wires crossed!

Lauren Bacall is the epitomy of beauty and Uma Thurman really isn't all that great. I know, you and Tina share that nasaty habit of glorifying her, but really, April's Rock is equally as (un)impressive as she....now if you had said Katherine Hepburn, then I could understand the comparison.

garfer said...

I have to glorify Uma or Tina will come round and give me a kicking.
Katherine Hepburn was a dog.
Pereceptions of beauty are a personal thing anyway.

BigDov said...

fluff from a bygone age - top quality !

I think say that Katherine Hepburn is a dog is a bit harsh ?

Sniffy said...

Lauren is something special though. Those old time Hollywood greats really were out of this world superstars. Audrey Hepburn was absolute pure class and beauty personified and Bette Davis (no great looker) had peerless qualities that will never be seen again.

No, I never said that Uma was beautiful, but she is gorgeous in lots of ways (the sword thing being one of them). And for a contemporary actress, I think you'd do well to find somebody better than her. She's got that quality that makes her at home in serious dramas and more comedic roles. The queen at excelling in all she does, however, is Sigourney Weaver (in my opinion).

Anyway, thanks Garfer.

S.I.D. said...

I have to praise the looks of Lauren for one simple reason.

My mum was her double.

She couldn't act, though people did tell her she was the spit! Bless her.

surly girl said...

i am more than slightly scared of bette davis - particularly in "the nanny".

the kill bills rocked tho - and i don't normally like that sort of film (being thick and lazy as i am)

suburban wonder said...

Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Audrey Hepburn, Rosalind Russell, and Marilyn Monroe - all queens of the silver screen, when the screen was still silver.

I love old black & white movies. Bette Davis was spectacular! "Whatever happened to Baby Jane?" is a fantastic movie. "Now, Voyager" is my all-time favorite of hers.

I'd rather watch any of these ladies than Uma any day. Guess the reeducation camp didn't work, eh Tina?

garfer said...

The look is pure Hollywood, but it's the acting that counts.
Gorgeous: quite difficult to define but easy to recognise.

MHN for short said...

Very true. Now she's old and does these stupid commercials for Tuesday Morning shops. She thinks Tom Cruise is a jerk. I've always liked her. :-)

garfer said...

Anyone that thinks Tom Cruise is a berk is a hero in my book.

Wyndham said...

Lauren Bacall was great - but up there in the pantheon of all-time worst actresses. Now, Katherine Hepburn is just my kind of woman. A bit of a skellington, I grant you, but a total one-off. She just oozes intelligence. Uma - ooh, controversial - doesn't, sadly.

garfer said...

Dorothy Parker claimed that Hepburn's acting "Covers the gamut of the emotions from a to b".
Oooh...saucer of milk!

Wyndham said...

Now there was a dame! Dorothy Parker. A bit bi-polar though.

garfer said...

Bi polar, ambidextrous, bisexual, pissed, witty.

MHN for short said...

My fav was and is Rosilland Russell, particularly in Auntie Mame! "Oh Agnes, where is your spine??? Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"

Faltanus said...

ok this Kate Hepburn bashing better stop right now, OR ELSE! Lauren couldn't hold a candle to Kate. and Uma???? a different universe from Kate entirely. Kate was beautiful - in an ethereal way i grant you; but even more so, she was independent, intelligent and just oozing with class.

tina - i'm with you on the whole Sigourney Weaver thing - she is a complete package for sure.

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