Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Binge Drinking

I have to admit that I do enjoy getting hog whimperingly drunk now and then. Let's face it, most of us seek a bit of oblivion from time to time .
I don't drink nearly as much as I used to. The only time that I touch the stuff is on a Saturday night. These days the hangovers are so cranium burstingly horrendous that it isn't really worth the candle.
Anyone that's ventured into our town centres recently can tell you that public drunkeness is quite the thing. Scantily clad mingers baring their obese arses, and label clad tossers with stupid haircuts, puking in the gutter, are a common sight.
Mr Blair is all in favour of a 'continental cafe culture'. The licensing laws have consequently been relaxed to the point were our town and city centres are dominated by enormous drinking venues. We don't have many elegantly clad diners sipping wine spritzers to show for it; we have pissed up lager louts and hen party harpies.
I don't know what the Government expected. We're Northern Europeans for fuck's sake. Give us readily available cheap booze and we will get pissed en masse. The Danes do it, the Germans do it, the Norwegians do it (on home made hooch), and the Icelanders do it.
Why do politicians never learn? All you have to do is look at Hogarth's 'Gin Lane' to see what our collective attitude to cheap hooch is.
Gormless tossers. It's enough to drive anyone to drink. Mine's a large vodka and lemonade.


Herge Smith said...

Yep, Worcester on a Saturday night is nothing short of a scene from a Hieronymus Bosch etching.

Not wanting to sound really old, but was it that bad when we were kids? I dunno, I was always so blitzed on the drugs and booze...

Like you, I only occasionally get hammered, with the memory of the hangovers lingering far longer than they used to (with of course their added damage).

pissoff said...

No Herge, I don't think we were that bad.

I have a drink every once in a while but the thought of the head pulsing, brain busting, kids in the morning hangover is enough to deter me. Whereas before I never had a hangover they now last for two to three days.

garfer said...

I think they just have more money. Add to that cheap spirits and you have a recipe for mayhem.
I only risk a hangover when I know that I can sleep in until at least mid day.

Sniffy said...

I'm really happy that our local Yates's - the scene of countless beatings and a couple of brutal murders - has had its licence revoked. What has the council done instead? It's granted a licence to Wetherspoons to open up just round the corner. Are they fucking stupid?

The people round here cannot cope with booze. They don't know how to go out for a quiet drink and behave themselves. They simply HAVE to get completely pissed up to the point of getting into a fight with anybody who's available and stamping on their heads until they die. I'm sure that this is because of these massive pubs that crowd loads of people in, get them pissed, play them music so they all bump into each and get aggravated. Fucking insane.

garfer said...

Well said Tina. Our city centres have become no go areas after 8.00 pm.
I read somewhere that Nottingham has 300 pubs and clubs within a one mile radius of the city centre.
Fucking mad.

Herge Smith said...

I've did Notts a few times last year and it is quite busy of an evening. Can't say I relish going back.

I usually just feel sorry for the identikit people in their regulartion jeans/shirt/t-shirt/expensive trainers outfits. Godforbid these people dress outside of this code (I did, got stared at)


garfer said...

Yeah. At least youth dress codes used to be tribal. You had your new roms, goths, punks, new mods(bit sad them). Now they're all just fucking label clones. Wankers.

Sniffy said...

Number 2 hair cut, expensive jeans, expensive shoes, shirt outside jeans. Wanker

Girls: as short a skirt as you can get; cropped bra top or vest, tiny handbag, boots, lots of bling, blonde, straight hair. Cow

garfer said...

And 50% of them are at University!
Christ, just imagine it, first year at the University of Bognor Regis studying cake decoration: listening to bleedin' Coldplay and
Britney blaring from every hall of residence window.
I'd jump.

Herge Smith said...

Too fucking right - in the old days the uni students stuck out like sore thumbs - they were the ones that looked like cunts.

Now everyone looks like cunts, just very boringly dressed cunts.

It's like before the cunting 50's when kids and adults all dressed the same.


Haggiswurst said...

I can't remember the last time I got pished. I think it was at the weekend.

MHN for short said...

Vodka and lemonade sounds lovely. I'm a Whiskey Sour girl meself. only maybe once a year, if that. sad really.