Friday, August 19, 2005

In Praise of Angrychimp

Not so universally recognised (although he deserves to be) blogging genius, Herge Smith, has today handed over his daily post to some of his more devoted readership.
These posts are in the style of the original angrychimp, and some are quite excellent (with the exception of my own half-hearted effort). Good as they may be, none are more than pale imitations of the posts produced on a daily basis by the creator of Angrychimp, Herge Smith.
Make sure you get yourself over there this instant. You wont regret the visit.
On a personal note, I would like to thank the chimp for giving me an excuse not to think up anything original to post today. Tar mate.


Herge Smith said...

Glad I could help.

Although ironically that was the reason I thought this up in the first place.

That really back fired when I was faced with 14 posts that needed graphics.

Yours was ace btw - I love anything that slates celebs and those two fuckers really had it coming.

garfer said...

Ta for the graphics. It makes all the difference. I like Kate's legs; they look like big bird's.
You were bound to end up with a lot of contributions.Your fatal error was to offer to do all the graphical work..

Neighbour of Teh Hoors! said...

I'm just doing the highly egotistical thing of checking who links to me via Technorati...

And you've linked to me! Thanks very muchly indeed :D Always good to be linked by fellow Scots.

Teacakes? I'm a bit partial to the Caramel Wafers Myself. mmmmmmm ;)

Sniffy said...

Like I said, I've been waiting for somebody to do that pair of nobodies, and I'm glad it was you two who got together on it. Useless cunts.

Not you, them.

garfer said...

Neighbour of teh hoors!
You are most welcome
I feel a bit sorry for Doherty. He's a bright, talented guy who's allowed himself to be seduced by that wasted druggy rock star bollocks.
The last things he needs is a fucktard like Moss egging him on.

Rowan said...

yours was one of thebetter ones i thought>

garfer said...

Why, thank you.

edwaado said...

I thought your 'we love each other' was excellent.

garfer said...

Thank 'ee koindly sorr.