Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Celebrity Tunnocks Teacake scoffer No1

Everyone knows that drummers, with the notable exception of Phil Collins, are all round top geezers. Topmost geezer of them all is Danny Goffey of popular beat combo, Supergrass.
Danny is a long time teacake afficianado and always has a box backstage at gigs. Lined up next to snifters of cocaine and bottles of Jack Daniels the teacakes look resplendent in their inviting shiny wrappers.
Boyd Tunnock (let his name be worshipped) has heard about Danny's love of the chocolate coated delicacy and always ensures that a consignment of teacakes is laid on for him when the band plays in Glasgow.
The manager of Supergrass recently suggested that the band should consider adopting a 'darker', more mysterious image. What a ridiculous suggestion. Danny and the boys like nothing better than 'pumping on their stereo' and being 'caught by the fuzz'. Energetic funsters like the 'grass have no time for mystery.
When well fuelled on teacakes Danny knows no peers when it comes to skin bashing.

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