Friday, July 22, 2005

Still Game

Jack and Victor go Large

Tonight, at 10.00pm on BBC2, UK viewers are at last to be treated to one of the finest sitcoms to be produced by BBC Scotland. Jack and Victor, two reprehensible old reprobates living in a high rise Glasgow housing scheme, live out there second childhoods and discuss lifes vicissitudes in the local boozer. 'The swallie' (or lack thereof) is one of the leitmitovs of this fine series.

It's quite difficult to describe why this scenario is so funny. Think of it as 'Men Behaving Badly' crossed with Harry Enfield's 'The Old Gits' and throw in a dash of pathos and you should be just about there. Not quite up there with Royston Vasey or Craggy Island, but pretty damn close.

The accents are (sort of) comprehensible, as Glaswegian goes. Not like 'Rab C Nesbitt', which had to have sub- titles for English viewers.

I feel fully justified in awarding this fine comedy four and a half teackes.


Herge Smith said...

I liked it. It had a gentle quality to it. And it wasn't about a shitty london family, or doctors or professionals of any kind (like that fucking awful PR thing the night before). Just a couple of auld blokes.

British comedy is really shit at the moment - and seems to be dominated by the same shitty writers and actors... so yeah, this was a welcome change.

I did see extras last night, which i thought had some potential.

As for that Catherine Tate show.... what a load of shit.

garfer said...

I thought it was actually a bit lame. They should improve as the last series was wonderful.
On the basis of the first episode Extras will be briliant.

becca said...

Never seen it before until you mentioned it. It's actually kind of funny. I guess its commonplace in Glasgow for everyone to have a handfull of "Still Game" I don't have to ask my husband why something so and so said at work is funny.

garfer said...

I'm not sure how it'll play in England. Some of the humour is very weegie specific.