Thursday, July 28, 2005

Songs that go a bit mental in the middle.

Sometimes something happens in a recording studio that the bands involved probably hadn't intended. A reasonable song is plodding along quite happily when suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, everything goes completely mental
Maybe it's just serendipity, but it seems that at some subconcious level all the band members coalesce and transcend their individual capabilities.
The following examples spring immediately to mind.

The Stone Roses: 'I am the Resurrection'.

This is almost like two songs. It shuffles along as standard indie guitar pop. Then, all of a sudden, it drops into a loose, loping groove with John Squire's guitar carving out filigrees of sound (that's a crap description by the way: you really have to hear it).

Television: 'Marquee Moon'.

Somewhere, about five minutes into the song, everything just soars. This one is totally indescribable.

Lynyrd Skynrd: 'Freebird'.

Hairy guitar hero dadrock this may be; but half way through it drops a couple of gears and accelerates SOMEWHERE ELSE.

The Clash: 'Complete Control'.

An explosion of power chords, stacatto drums....distilled anger.

If you can think of any other examples, let me know.


Herge Smith said...

Freebird, whilst playing GTA: San Andreas - is ace - you start all gentle, bit of pedestrian shooting, and as the music ramps up you take out some cops, and then the FBI arrive - shoot them, then get a tank and Th'Skynrd are really going for it now, cause I have a Harrier and I'm doggie fighting. And the song ends, and I'm blown out of the sky.


Good choices - Add Death of a Disco Dancer? - Not quite as mental - but utterly beautiful, the wailing guitar, pounding drums and you want it to go on, forever.

Wyndham said...

Band On The Run - McCartney must have had three fragments of songs he didn't know what to do with and just stuck them together. There you go, a song.

Sniffy said...

That one by the Beatles on Sgt Peppers IS two songs cobbled together, one Lennon, one McCartney - A day in the life, that's the one.

garfer said...

Think I'll buy GTA. Haven't bought a game since Half Life 2. A spot of pedestrian bashing sounds like just the ticket.
Don't know if you missed the spot of Macca bashing over at sniffers a while back. Band on the Run is probably the last decent thing he did before losing the plot completely.
Pointless bit of trivia. The lines 'he blew his mind out in a car, he hadn't noticed that the lights had changed' in Day in the life were inspired by the death of Tara Guinness (gilded youth and heir to the Guinness millions). He jumped the lights in his Lotus Elan and got squished.
Bet you feel better for knowing that.

MHN for short said...

Oh yeah, Freebird. That's good song if ever there was one. Pink Floyd does this at times as well.

Queen's "Bohemian Rapsody" one of my all time favourite epic rock-n-roll songs. I love it! It follows the classical pattern of legato, allegro, legato (slow, fast, slow). And don't even get me started on the vocals, one word: spectacular!

Oh, I can hear it in my head! Thanks Garf! You left a fantastic sound in my head! love to ya, Man!