Friday, July 01, 2005

It has come to garfers attention that the previous post has aroused howls of outrage in certain quarters. Garf would like to make clear that he is not prejudiced, nor does he bear any malice towards those of the ginger persuasion. Any offence caused to redtops, carrot tops, ginger nuts or ginger minges is unintentional and Garfer apologizes for any offence which his comments may have caused.
Chief Superintendent Birtwhistle O'Toole today released the following statement:

'Greater Manchester police wish to convey their regret that Cakesniffer was erroneously identified as an intellectual plagiarist. The witness who identified Cakesniffer in the original identity parade was subsequently found to be colour blind. Greater Manchester Police fully accept that Cakesniffer has at no time been ginger (except when she was an infant) and is in fact auburn.
The question of suitable pecuniary recompense payable to Cakesniffer in respect of hurt feelings will be determined by a tribunal to be held at Manchester Free Trade Hall at 9.30am, 2nd July, 1895.

garfer was planning a post on Narcissistic Personality Disorder but will get round to that subject tomorrow. He has his hair to do and needs a good two hours preening in front of the bathroom mirror before attending The G8 Conference in his official role as convener, head honcho , big cheese, top cookie, and big heid yin.

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