Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who says you can't eat views?

The view from my front window
I am a lucky, lucky boy. Ten years ago I was sitting in an insurance brokers office. I was well paid, but I hated every minute of the job. Thankfully I was made redundant.
I moved to the west highlands of Scotland and now own and rent out log cabins to holidaymakers. I cannot imagine a more congenial way of making a living. I have a third of the overheads of the neighbouring hotels and as high an annual turnover. I also have a quarter of the workload. I make a living watching people enjoy themselves. What could be nicer.
It's funny that this tiny little overpopulated island of ours still contains areas of wild emptiness.
I don't think most people realize just how ethereally beautiful the north west coast of Scotland is.
I've been to the Canadian Rockies and the Alps. The landscapes may be on a grander scale but the Scottish scenery can stand shoulder to shoulder with both.
At this time of year it never really gets dark. The light shimmers on the surface of the loch and all I can hear are the keening calls of the curlews at the shoreside.
People come on holiday with the tension and stress of their lives etched on their faces. Within a few days the tension has evaporated. It's a wonderful process to watch.
I remember that dead weight that settled in my stomach on a Sunday evening as I contemplated the working week ahead. It's something that I will never have to suffer again and I am profoundly grateful.


Sniffy said...

Oh yeah? Have you got a brochure? You can e-mail me at Cheers.

becca said...

me too!
Alex and I are desperate to get away somewhere and we kept meaning to go out your way..except I didn't know how to get there without a vehicle.