Friday, July 15, 2005

The Edinburgh Festival

I'll be off to the Edinburgh festival for a week next month.
For the period of the festival the city's population will almost double as people congregate from all corners of the globe. As a melange of art and culture it probably has no peers.
Of course, the legions of backpackers and tourists of every religious and ethnic group may make a tempting target for those who regard their chosen path as sacrosanct; and all other beliefs and ways of life idolatrous.
It won't stop anyone going of course. Why should it? What could be a better way to celebrate our culture and diversity and snub our noses at religious extremism and intolerance. The show must go on.
I am encouraged to see that after 7/7, life in London is returning to normal. After an initial period of shock we go about our business as before. A little more wary perhaps, but determined not to let the rythmns and minutae of our lives be disrupted. The same thing happened after the New York and Madrid tragedies. Our culture and values are stronger than our enemies think.
I believe it was Franklin Roosevelt who said that: 'we have nothing to fear but fear itself'.
Words that were apposite in a different time and different circumstances are as valid today as they were then.


becca said...

had my first tunnocks tea cake today. very tasty.

garfer said...

At last! A convert to the true path of righteousness.
As a teacake neophyte you must complete the following ritual:
1) Pierce both sides of teacake with a drinking straw.
2) Insert straw in one of the wholes.
3) Blow.

Sniffy said...

So these things actually exist?

I went to Edinburgh. Once. It was OK, but freezing in March and I didn't get the best of it because I had to stay out at Heriot-Watt campus because I was attending a conference there.

I hope you have a wonderful time there. Is there anything specific that you're going for?

garfer said...

They are a physical reality; until scoffed.

Sniffy said...

I love artichokes. Especially the artichoke hearts preserved in oil and vinegar.