Wednesday, July 06, 2005

In defence of Anne Widdecombe

I like Anne Widdecombe. There, I've said it.
She may be a slightly barmy tory with frumpy dress sense, but as far a I'm concerned she is basically an allright sort of cove.
The Labour MP Diane Abbott was overheard commenting: 'that woman hasn't even had a decent fuck, let alone felt her waters drop'. This says more about Diane Abbott than it does about Anne Widdecombe. It says: 'I, Diane Abbott, am an ignorant gobshite who isn't fit to be an MP let alone aspire to high office'.
Anne probably wouldn't make a great Home Secretary, but I'm sure she would be a vast improvement on the big eared school bully we have to put with at the moment.
The real clincher for me is that if I was to go away on holiday I would be more than happy for Anne Widdecombe to look after my cat.


MHN for short said...

If you've read Harry Potter #5, this is what I imagine Deloris Umbridge to look like. Just thought I'd share. Your forray into blogging is quite nice. I dig it, man! mhneumann

garfer said...


There are undoubtedly similarities between Deloris and Anne. I don't think that Deloris would speak in as high pitched, hectoring tones though.

becca said...

It says so much about a person's character if you will let them mind your pussy.

garfer said...


my cat is a fiendish tom with mentallist tedencies.
Noone in their right mind would want to look after him.
He had his nadgers removed at an early age and has nursed a grudge against humanity ever since.

MHN for short said...

no. low and wimpering tones and slightly nasal as well.

Sniffy said...

I agree, she has some odd ideas, but she is integrity personified.