Thursday, July 07, 2005

Selective Memory

I was interested to see that Ken Livingstone was obviously disturbed and upset at the events in London today. I have no doubt that he was genuinely shocked at the carnage wrought by the Islamonutters. One thing troubles me.
Twenty years ago he was quite happy to invite Gerry Adams and various other twitching Sinn Fein flat earthers to City Hall, London for tea and crumpets. These were the people who represented the organisation that maimed and slaughtered on the streets of Belfast, Birmingham and Guildford.
Presumably there is a distinction to be made between violent Irish Republicanism and Islamo- fascism.
I have to say; I don't quite get it.
Ken is a reptile fan. Reptiles shed their skin. Perhaps he is a changed man. I suppose he deserves the benefit of the doubt.


Sniffy said...

Good call.

Herge Smith said...

Why single out Ken as a hypocrite - go for the real hyprocrites - Blair, Bush etc etc...

Frankly a cup of tea with Gerry Adams is nothing - atleast he wasn't selling them fucking weapons, training them to act as terrorists and then complaining when they turned on him.

Dig a bit deeper.

garfer said...

I don't see how you can assume a moral equivalence between democraticaly elected leaders and terrorists.
Blair lied to us over WMD and should have resigned. He led us into war on a false pretext.
Tam Dalyell has described Blair as the worst British Prime Minister since the war. He's not far wrong.
Arms supply to despotic regimes was, and remains utterly unjustifiable.